Why Install Window Film In Your Home?

Living in Florida it is almost mandatory to have your home treated with a quality window film.

  • Lowering Energy Costs

  • Reducing Annoying Glare

  • Making Life More Comfortable

  • Lowering Heat Penetration through Glass

  • UV Protection for Your Furnishings

​​Llumar Residential Film Products

Reflective Window Film

These films provide a high level of control for solar heat, glare and UV rays. They also give window glass a silvery, mirrored look when viewed with indoor lighting or outdoor daylight.

Dual-Reflective Window Film

By pairing a mirrored exterior side with a more subtle interior side, dual-reflective films provide significant solar control while maintaining clear views to the outside after dark.

Harmony Window Film

Excessive heat and glare virtually disappears with Harmony, a multi-layered film with proprietary components. It gives your windows solar control and a warm, earthy tone

Ceramic Window Film

Nano-ceramic technology gives these films their less reflective appearance and impressive solar control. They stand up to salt deposits and sea air in coastal areas, too.

Neutral Window Film

Choose a less reflective, neutral gray film for solar benefits and less visible change to  window glass. You’ll preserve your home’s current look and the natural quality of sunlight.

Low-E Window Film

Lower energy use in four-season climates with intelligent Low-E films. They reflect heat to keep you cooler in the summer and insulate so you stay warmer in the winter.  

Solar Window Film For Your Home